Pool Construction Process

The Pool Construction Process

Your backyard will go through a 10-step construction process to convert it from its current condition to the backyard of your dreams. Click on any of the following steps for more details about the process. ( see construction time photos )

1. Excavation
2. Wall Construction
3. Footings
4. Plumbing
5. Electrical, and Gas Lines
6. Decks and decorative features
7. Interior concrete and liner
8. Equipment hook up and operation
9. Fencing and additions
10. Walk-Through and training.

Swimming Pool and Spa Construction

  • The Construction Process of Your Pool Is About To Begin.
  • After you have approved the final design of your pool by Loren’s Home and Pool, making sure that all of the components of your pool are in the design and contract. An outline of your pool will be painted on the ground per your signed drawing.

Pool Construction Process

  • Excavation
    • The next step in the construction of your new pool is the excavation; a messy, dirty process that is exciting and unavoidable. An excavation crew carefully digs and hand-trims your pool in precise accordance with every detail of your swimming pool’s design specifications.
    • The excavation process usually takes a day, depending on the soil conditions and weather. You will note the larger dig hole around your swimming pool. This allows for walls footings plumbing and gravel backfill.

Swimming Pool and Spa site preparation construction

  • The majority of dirt from the excavation process will be removed during the excavation depending on how much fill we will use this for other phases of the construction. If you would like a portion of this dirt reserved for landscaping purposes or some other uses, just let us know where and how much you desire.

Wall Construction

  • The pool wall system will be assembled to make the perimeter of the pool. We are using the polymer panels for expansion of the freezing pool in the winter as well as the ground around the pool expanding or freezing. The over dig area will be filled with gravel to aid this expansion and limit any settling under the decks. The bracing behind the panels eliminate any settling at the pool edge as has been seen for ages around most concrete pools.


  • The base of the panels are held in place by a continuous footing around the entire perimeter of the pool. This protects against settling and the base of the pool being moved by water pressure in the pool over the years.


  • Your pool is now ready to be plumbed with high-grade NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) approved “Schedule 40” PVC pipe designed to prevent leaks or deterioration. All pipe connections are solidly bonded and the entire plumbing system is hydrostatically pressure tested.
  • As with every other stage of your new pool, the plumbing is done in accordance with your pool design specifications, to insure the plumbing meets rigid standards of quality and design.

Electrical and Gas Lines

  • Using National Electric Code approved conduit, wire and bonding, our licensed professional electrical contractor carefully makes all of the electrical connections for your pool. The lights are installed, the pumps are wired and electrical breakers installed.
  • The electrical devices can usually be installed concurrently with other construction phases, and thus not hold up further construction.

Gas Lines/Propane Tank

  • If this is an option you have decided on, your city’s gas line/propane tank requirements and your individual lot size will determine whether your gas line or propane tank can be buried underground or must be above ground. If it can be buried, the trenches will be dug and the pipe will be laid at the time of the plumbing of your new pool. This pipe will have to be inspected by the city and the entire process takes 10 to 15 days. Do not be alarmed if the actual hookup of your gas or propane does not happen until your pool has been completed.
  • Having a gas line or propane tank installed can run concurrently with other construction phases and will not necessarily hold up further construction.


  • Spraydeck
    • For the Spraydeck process, a natural concrete base will be poured.. Then an acrylic coating will be applied. This process usually takes about a day.
  • Patterned Concrete
    • The process of “stamped” or patterned concrete creates a custom look similar to cobblestone, brick or flagstone. The process begins much like the spraydeck process, but then a selected color and pattern is applied to the concrete base.
  • Natural Stone or Paver Decks
    • For stone decks, a natural concrete base will be poured. Then the selected stone will be laid and the grout installed. Paver decks are sometimes finished with a fine sand rather than grout between the pavers.

Interior Concrete and Liner 

  • This phase of the project is pouring of the non abrasive concrete in the pool bottom to provide a base for the liner. The manufactured liner envelope attaches at the top of the pool wall and covers the entire wall and concrete bottom. Once the liner is in place, the pool is filled using garden hoses from your house hydrants.


Pool Equipment

  • Pump, filter, heater, automated chlorination and controls are installed while the pool is filling. When the pool is full, the equipment is started and operations tested.

Fencing and Additions

  • Optional baked on finish aluminum fencing is now installed for pool safety. Any other additions such as ladders, slides, rock features, fountains, night lighting, or bath houses are installed at this time.
  • Now is when the mess we made in your backyard will be cleaned-up, and you can start to see just how beautiful your new pool is actually going to be! Be patient…it won’t be long now!
  • We will make sure that all of the tire tracks are filed in, that the wood and trash is hauled away, and that the ground in the pool’s construction area is raked out. We will also make sure everything that was disrupted in the construction process is put back in its proper place (with the exception of any planters, decorative rocks, sprinkler heads, etc.).
  • The pool is then winterized and covered till spring.

Walk Through and Training

  • In the spring, we will open the pool and balance the chemistry. Now is the best time to walk you through all the operation and functions of your pool system. We will provide you with detail instructions on the most simplified method to care for your pool, or weekly maintenance can be established to eliminate the need for you to do anything but swim.

Now enjoy your pool!