Maintenance and Repairs

Spring Opening – Why Schedule Early?

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Spring time pool opening; uncovering the pool, cleaning, adjusting the chemical balance, starting the pump and doing any repairs. These steps make it easier to keep your pool in good working order all season. Schedule early in the spring so there is time for the repairs or pool heating before your pool party.

Closing and Proper Winterizing

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Seasonal pool winterizing; winterizing the lines and equipment to eliminate the possibility of freeze damage to the underground pipes, pumps, filter and pool. Treating and covering the pool to keep the water clean and clear all winter.

Weekly Pool Care Service

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All you have to do is enjoy the pool! We’ll take care of the rest. When we clean the pool, treat the water, maintain the filter system, clean the skimmers, you only have to add water once a week. Oh and of course relax and enjoy the pool with your family. Creating many happy family memories.

We understand the challenges and frustration you may experience when trying to care for your pool. We know that advertisements and information sites give conflicting opinions, so we have set out to provide honest answers for the most effective methods to care for your pool. The result is that you buy less products and spend less, and you are a happier pool owner and refer us to your friends.

Want to do it yourself? We’ll make that easy, too! View and print our “Do It Yourself Guide to Pool Care and Water Treatment” using the button below!



Chemicals; We attend pool training seminars, and search for simple effective methods to make taking care your pool easy. The chemicals we have are concentrated so you don’t add extra fillers and binders that keep your pool pristine and clear all year long, no algae, no cloudy water.

Spa and Hot Tub Repairs


Info coming soon!

Pool Renovations


Salt Pools

  • Uses plain old salt to create pure natural chlorine
  • Completely automatic; never handle chlorine tablets again!


Mineral System

  • Buffers the water & reduces chlorine demand


Ozone Systems

  • Burns out unwanted algae, bacteria, and sweat lowering the demand for chlorine.

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